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Credit Union Member Discount FAQ's

Who is eligible to participate in the discount program?
Members of participating credit unions are eligible for the Credit Union Member Discount from GM. An eligible credit union member must present a membership card, current statement or personal check from his/her participating credit union at the time of purchase.

Which GM vehicles are eligible?

Almost every new and unused 2008, 2009 and 2010 GM passenger car, SUV, crossover and light-duty truck is eligible. Eligibility of GM vehicles may change at any time without notice. 

What is the vehicle discount?
As an eligible credit union member, you can purchase vehicles at the supplier price, which is a special discounted price reserved for GM's preferred suppliers. 

How many vehicles am I eligible to purchase/lease?
You may purchase/lease an unlimited number of eligible new and unused vehicles per year. 

How do I get the discount?
Visit union to request your authorization number. You will need to bring the following items to your participating GM Dealer to get the discount:

  • Authorization number
  • Proof of program eligibility: top portion of a current statement, personal check or membership card (Other forms of credit union membership may be accepted at the discretion of the GM Dealer.) Note: Please be sure to remove all personal and account reference numbers when providing proof of membership
  • Driver's license

Can I combine the discount with current incentives?

Yes, in most cases.

Can I order a vehicle through this program, rather than choosing one from Lone Star's new inventory?

Yes, you can receive the discount when you order through
Lone Star Chevrolet.

Can I combine this with any GM reward card earnings?
You can combine the discount with Earnings from the GM Extended Family Card or the GM Business Card. Earnings from the GM reward cards are in addition to most current incentives GM may offer.

How can I apply for a GM reward card?
You may apply online anytime for any GM reward card.

Do I have to finance through my credit union?

No. You can finance through any financial institution.

Are dealer-installed options covered by this discount (e.g., theft-deterrent devices, etc.)?

No. Any additional dealer-installed options, conversion/upfit packages, General Motors Protection Plans and other extra-charge items will be supplied at a price agreed upon between the customer and the dealer.

Are dealer demonstration vehicles included in this program?

Yes, if the vehicle has less than 7,500 miles and a dealer demo allowance has not been paid on the vehicle.

Can I use a trade-in with this program?

Yes, you can trade a vehicle in.

How long do I have to keep the vehicle to qualify for the discount?
Eligible vehicles must be retained for a minimum of six (6) months if purchased or leased, except Chevrolet Corvette (excluding 2009 Corvette ZR1, which is not eligible), which has a required retention period of two (2) years from the vehicle delivery date.

I recently bought/leased a new GM vehicle. Can I still apply for the discount?

No. Previous purchases/leases are not eligible.

Can I share my discount?
Yes, you may share the GM discount with other members of your household.

How can I find out more about a specific GM model?

You are welcome to contact our internet team at 1-800-805-6295.  We are more than happy to assist you with any information you need on our large selection of GM vehicles.