Cleaning Your Tires: Does it Help to Extend Their Use?

If you are familiar with automobile care, then you understand how tires are the lifeblood of your vehicle's performance on the road. However, tires degrade faster than most other car parts since they are always in contact with the road. Road conditions can vary depending on a particular region, but the fact remains that any terrain will eventually erode your tires. This process can be slowed down exponentially if your tires are washed and cleaned regularly.

When your wheels need washing, make sure that you read the label of any product that you use before spraying it on the rubber. Some tire cleaners must be applied with water while others are supposed to be sprayed when the tires are completely dry. Scrub the sidewalls well, applying pressure to heavily browned areas. Do not be afraid to use a small toothbrush for areas that are hard to reach, then rinse everything off with water. Repeat this process if you wish.

Tire care can be a costly and troublesome issue for many drivers. At Lone Star Chevrolet, we know how important your tire's health is to the safety of your driving (and your wallet). If you would like to know any additional information about tire care, come and visit our Chevrolet parts and service center when you're ready!

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