Prepare Your Car for Warmer Weather Ahead

Now that winter is officially over and we are now getting into spring, and with summer just around the corner, there has never been a better time to consider scheduling your vehicle for the appropriate required maintenance. We can help you out with that here at Lone Star Chevrolet in Houston, TX!

Millions of drivers put on additional miles over the winter, and that makes spring the perfect time to do routine maintenance. This helps your car or truck recover from the added use in the winter, and to prepare it for whatever the upcoming warmer weather has in store for it. Basic things like a routine oil change, fluid top off/replenishment, brake services, tire rotations, and wiper blade replacements are all things that are beneficial to have done periodically as the seasons produce all new driving conditions for you and your vehicle.

Here at our Chevrolet service facility, we have the tools and expertise needed to provide you with the best service around. Call us today to schedule your routine maintenance appointment!

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