The Effects of Coolant on Your Transmission

Every car manufacturer ensures their cars perform at optimum transmission levels before they launch them. However, the responsibility of keeping the vehicle in good condition is left to the car owner. Considering all cars come with an owner’s manual, it goes without saying that the owner is expected to follow the recommended maintenance schedules at all times. However, every now and then you will have a belt that is cracking or a hose that is leaking. These two are critical engine accessories that must be serviced or replaced lest the cause more harm to the car.

As such, some of the ways to take care of your hose from failing is by checking the white coolant tank. This is to make sure that the coolant is at the required level when the engine is cold or hot. In the event the tank level goes low even after a couple of fillings, this could be a sign of leakage. You should also consider checking for coolant tracks that are left by residue if the coolant is leaking.

Learn more about signs of a failing transmission or leaking coolant. Talk to our Chevrolet service professionals in Houston, TX soon.

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